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How often should you clean your dryer vent?

If someone told you left the stove on, what would you do? If you had a water leak in your basement, what would you do? We all know the answer, so why would you take the same chance with your dryer vent? Under maintained dryer vents cause millions of dollars of damage to homes each year. According to FEMA, failure to clean was the leading factor in contributing to the ignition of dryer vent fires in residential buildings.

Again, why would you take that chance? Dryer vent cleaning is an “unseen” problem and because it is such, usually leads to damaged appliances or house fires before the homeowner checks the vent. It is recommended that you have your dryer vent cleaned annually by a professional company. Some vents may need more frequent cleanings, with usage being the determining factor.

To have us complete a cleaning and inspection of your dryer vent, please call us at our office (410) 661-4235, or (301) 875-1018.


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